Marine Shield

The Eagle Globe and Anchor and other Marine insignias can be displayed on the Marine shield. Each shield is uniquely designed for the individual customer. You can add any marine insignia to the shield with your choice of text to create a bespoke product to record a unique career. In the design, the insignias are set on the shield in a position of protection on top of the Eagle Globe and Anchor. This design feature represents each Marine's service in protecting our great country.

Customize your large Marine shield to your specific design to commemorate a graduation, a promotion, a retirement or indeed any career milestone.

All shields are made from hardened steel and edged with gold trim.

The large shield measures 28" x 20". The small shield measures 18" x 13 ".

Front Design:

The front of the large shield is painted with the Eagle Globe and Anchor in gold and silver with your choice of any Marine insignia mounted at the top.

Below this, you can have your choice of text, four lines in total. We recommend you have your name on the first line in larger text as it stands out prominently.

The additional lines can be best used to further personalize your Marine shield. For example, select a significant date, a motto, or the name of your unit.

We have access to all marine insignias or to further personalize your shield, you can send us your own design.


Back Design:

The back of the shield has a chain to mount it on a wall in pride of place. The back will have matching insignias in each corner with the heading MILITARY ACHIEVEMENTS.

The area below is left blank as this is where you will have your shield updated throughout your military career. These updates can easily be added in stores such as Office Depot. Your personal updates of your career achievements will ensure that your Military Achievement shield will grow as a proud record of your military career to be cherished for your lifetime and beyond.

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